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    Anything that you would like to be resurfaced can be made to look like new again through the efforts of our experts at Sandblasting Louisville KY. Many people may try to handle their resurfacing needs themselves but without much luck. This is why they usually rely on our Louisville, KY sandblasting services. Sandblasting is a great way to resurface items that have lost their luster and it is far less labor-intensive than the alternatives. We have a professional team who knows how to properly and effectively sandblast just about anything. They utilize the right tools and equipment to do so. There are various ways of performing the job, all of which will be discussed with you before we begin the job of resurfacing your items. If you are considering having something resurfaced and are not certain as to whether or not it can be effectively resurfaced, consult with our team of experts. They will be able to let you know if the items can be resurfaced and if so, how they can accomplish this for you.

    About Us

    Sandblasting Louisville KY has been around for more than a decade. We are a licensed and insured local Louisville, Kentucky sandblasting company. Our goal is to always perform the job that we have been hired to do within a timely manner, while maintaining the quality that we have become known for within our customers budget. Due to the meticulous attention to detail that our sandblasters give to every job, we often exceed customer expectations. Many in Louisville and surrounding areas continue to depend on us to ensure that they are receiving the quality of service that they deserve.


    You can depend on us for your industrial and residential sandblasting service needs. Since we have invested in the proper tools and equipment needed for sandblasting, it is possible for us to offer our customers a wide range of sandblasting services. Don’t throw away anything of value before you contact us to discuss the various services we offer. Surprisingly, we have been able to successfully resurface some of the most valuable items for our customers.

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    Dustless Blasting

    When you want a seamless sandblasting job performed, dustless sandblasting is a great option that we offer to our customers. It reduces the amount of dust particles in the air thus protecting your items during the process. We use a water based compound that also has an abrasive component in it. This combination of materials helps to remove any coating on the item being treated.

    Sandblasting Louisville KY - Sandblasting 2


    Our experts are capable of assisting with your industrial and residential sandblasting needs. Companies rely on us to keep their equipment looking like new through our sandblasting efforts. Homeowner’s depend on us to keep the items around their home, such as lawn equipment, patio furniture and more, looking its absolute best. Rather than throwing away anything that looks dull and rusty, allow us to bring it back to its days of glory by sandblasting it for you.

    “I didn’t want to have to deal with the mess that I usually experience when I try to restore something so I figured I would give Louisville Sandblasting KY a call instead. Louisville Sandblasting KY offers dustless sandblasting that helps cut down on the amount of dust significantly.” – Charles T.

    Soda Blasting

    Through our soda blasting process we are capable of updating and restoring your most valued items. We rely on our experienced sandblasters to perform the job. Soda blasting enables us to remove minerals from the surface of your items through the use of special equipment that enables us to effectively achieve the results you want.

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    Car Blasting

    If you are an automobile collector, you are likely already familiar with our car blasting services at Sandblasting Louisville KY. Don’t sell your vehicle just because there is exposed rust on it; call us instead. With the help of our sandblasters it is possible to get that old, rusty vehicle looking like new again. As unbelievable as this may sound, it is true. Why not try us out to see for yourself.

    Sandblasting Louisville KY - Car Sandblasting 2

    "Our business has a lot of expensive equipment. In order to keep it looking its best, we rely on Sandblasting Louisville KY. They have been able to make our expensive equipment look like new, which means we can use our operating budget on other things.” – Marshall C.

    Sandblasting Louisville KY - Boat Sandblasting 2

    Boat Blasting

    Just like sandblasting your vehicles is a great way to restore it so is blasting your boat. We’re able to remove antifoul from your boat so that it runs smoothly. While it is certainly something that you could try to handle yourself, for efficiency, it is best that you allow someone with the proper equipment and materials needed to handle the job for you. Sandblasting Louisville KY offers affordable boat blasting services.

    Worker using a sandblaster cleans tubing pipe before insulation


    When you want fast and efficient sandblasting services in Louisville, Kentucky, look no further than Sandblasting Louisville KY. There are plenty of things that homeowner’s and business owners in Louisville depend on daily. They may not realize that instead of replacing their old items that still work, they can rely on us to resurface them so that they look like new again. If you want an affordable way to restore any of your industrial or residential items, contact our sandblasting services in Louisville, KY today.

    “I didn’t know the first thing about restoring a classic vehicle but I heard that Sandblasting Louisville KY did. This is why I called them. They provided me with a reasonable rate and made the vehicle look better than I ever imagined it could. I highly recommend their sandblasting services to anyone who wants to restore a classic vehicle. – Chase L.

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    ​With a team of expert sandblasters, there is nothing that they can’t effectively restore for you, big or small. Their level of experience enables them to effectively prep the items so that they can achieve the smooth and professional appearance that you are paying them for. Call us now to schedule your sandblasting services.
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