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Dustless Blasting

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Whether you know it or not, sandblasting can be a messy job. When you don’t want a lot of dust particles flying around and a big clean up job, dustless blasting is a good option. Our qualified sandblasters at Sandblasting Louisville KY are qualified to perform this job for you. While it is true that dustless blasting keeps a relatively clean area it also helps to protect the environment. It is preferred to other methods of blasting because it is also effective and affordable. Our sandblasters can effectively and safely remove the coating on items due to the abrasive mixture that they use. When applying the dustless blasting technique, very little dust will accumulate.

Benefits of Sandblasting

If the surface of the item being blasted is too hot, we will have to wait for it to cool down. When the surface is too hot, the mixture does not stick to it. Just the right mixture is needed to get the dust to collect at the bottom of the item. This is why there is often less dust. Our sandblasting process is fast and effective. It prevents dust from kicking up, which is its primary appeal. If you have any sort of respiratory issues or you have small children with respiratory issues then too much dust can be problematic. Our dustless blasting option is the best alternative for protecting your health and the environment. When we finish the job, there is no residue or dust flying in the air. If you need any sandblasting performed, consider our dustless sandblasting service.

Use Professional Sandblasting Services

At Sandblasting Louisville KY we know that most people will attempt to handle these types of things themselves because they want to save money. However, they aren’t always capable of performing the job to their own satisfaction. This is why it would be in their best interest to hire a qualified sandblaster from Sandblasting Louisville KY to handle the job for them. Don’t perform a trial and error job when you can simply contact us to take care of the job for you. If you do not get it done right the first time, you will waste your hard earned money and have to perform the job over again. Why not avoid this from the beginning by contacting our experts to perform your sandblasting work for you.

Hiring Sandblasting Louisville KY

Through the efforts of our sandblasters at Sandblasting Louisville KY, we’re able to have your items looking like new again without making a mess. It is through our dustless blasting service that we are capable of performing the job without producing a lot of dust that could settle on the items being blasted. Since we personally choose our team of sandblasters, we are confident that they are able to take care of your dustless blasting needs. It is due to their professional training and experience that they are able to perform your dustless blasting, seamlessly. Get your money’s worth by relying on our Louisville, KY blasting services.


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