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Soda Blasting

tradesman sandblasting steel beams for building project

Whether we are performing standard sandblasting, dustless blasting or some other type of blasting for you, you can be certain of one thing, the job will be done efficiently when you rely on Sandblasting Louisville KY. Since we only hire the most experienced sandblasters in the area, we are confident that you’ll be able to receive the quality of services that you want and need at prices you can afford. It takes the right type of equipment and someone who knows how to properly utilize it to achieve an efficient sandblasting job. This is why we have invested in necessary equipment; to ensure that our customers are getting what they deserve. Time and time again, we prove that our sandblasting services are superior to the other sandblasting services in the area. Get the quality of service that you deserve by contacting us today. We’ll discuss your many options, including soda blasting.

Our Soda Blasting Method

If you are interested in soda blasting then you should know that there is a very specific way that it should be done. To properly formulate the soda blasting mixture and utilize the correct grade, rely on our expert blasters at Sandblasting Louisville KY. If you want to be sure that the right look can be achieved then leave it in the hands of our professionals to apply the correct soda media. Unfortunately, soda blasting will not properly adhere to everything. There are some things that no matter what is done to them will not work with this application. Only a qualified professional would be fully aware of this. Therefore, if you want something soda blasted that the media will not adhere to, our sandblaster will make you aware of this prior to the start of the job. They use the right media fragments so that they are able to evenly distribute it to the surface they are working on.

Our Method of Soda Blasting

The technique of soda blasting can be performed at both a high pressure and low pressure. This would depend on what needs to be blasted. We will decide the level of intensity based on various factors. There are different levels that enable us to effectively protect the surface of your item. We can use a simple soda mixture formula to help us quickly and effective remove things like oil, contaminants and oil from the surface. Soda blasting is an affordable and practical way for removing coatings, which is why we often recommend it to our customers.

Why Rely Sandblasting Louisville KY

Our sandblasters at Sandblasting Louisville KY are thoroughly and professionally vetted. This gives us the assurance that they know how to offer our customers the help that they need. We only rely on the best and most qualified Louisville sandblasters to assist with your service needs, big or small. Our experienced blasters should handle your soda blasting job. Individually, they have more than a decade of blasting experience that you can depend on. When you want the job done right, call on us!


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